4th Of July


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Firework Outlet's Top 25

Black Knight Artillery

  Knight comes with 2 shooters tubes and 20 high end packed canister shells. Feel these shells as they launch 150 feet into the night before breaking into huge eye staring displays

Only $64.88

BC Going Haywire

300 shots of controlled chaos.  The newest effects in missile mayhem includes colored and glitter tails to crackles with reports.

Only $16.88

120 Shot Camo Pack Roman Candles

Take on any enemy with this assortment of candles. You've got all the variety you need to win any battle. 120 Shots!

Only $10.88


                     Pro Unleashed       

Unleash 26 powerful, professional effects and take control of the show.  Unique cactus flowers combined with brilliant blue and green tails, fish and big bursts.  This is for a Pro.

                         Only $46.88

                     BC Neon Sparklers

2 Assorted styles and color combos.  Different styles have different effects.  Makes the normal sparklers look obsolete.


                     BC Sky Jumpers

A fanfare of whistles announces the arrival of the black cat paratroopers.  Lines of colored smoke and streamers criss cross the blue sky before the stars and stripes wave with pride for all to see.

                         Only $39.88


This little package is packed solid with 200 grams.  12 shots of colors, whistles, spinners, and crackling.  Solid all the way around.

                      Only $7.88


              Best of BC Assortment

This is a true pyro paradise.  The perfect mix of 200 gram multi shots. 116 total shots and 1200 grams.  Our own little recipe.

                      Mfg. Retail is $165.95

           Our price Only $84.88

 Major Altitude

This is our signature rack!  9 unbelievable monster breaks.  Light one fuse and enjoy the show.  This thing is super loud and sores high into the sky.


BC Wake The Dead

13 Black Cat booms rupture the eerie silence with blue, orange and glittering breaks. Creepy crackling and spooky bursts.

Only $29.88


BC Little Dynamite Firecrackers

1-1/2" Loud noise makers. Super Charged Flashlight Crackers. The highest quality standards in our industry created by 1) using the maxium alloy materials allowed, and 2) we use labor intensive methods to provide tighter wrapped and thicker tubes, creating big bangs.

2 for $5.00 or $2.99 each

                Totally Berserk

Go berserk for approx. 95 seconds.  Frenzied fish effects lead the way as iron glitters and titanium rain fulfill the show.

                         Only $10.88

                             Ultra 96

Yes this little guys does really have 96 shots.  A traditional small cake with a much better label design and brighter and higher flying color pearls, plus a finale shot.

                      $3.99ea or 2/$6.88

              BC Neon Master Missles

These are not just your normal bottle rockets. Each rocket has a whistle tail on the way to a loud report, each missle also has its own extra effect including red, green, titanium or crackle.  20 per pack.

                       $2.79ea or 4/$7.96

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These are 1.5" firecrackers prepackaged into strips. This package includes 20 packs of 100 loud firecrackers.  Total of 2000 firecrackers

                        Only $14.88

BC Diablo

This is Black Cats newest and biggest canister shell out. New for 2014 season. 24 maximum load canister shells with 4 fiberglass tubes.  This is the ultimate artillery shell experience.  These shots are louder then Hell..

Only $84.88

BC Big-N-Bad Rockets

These BC rockets are huge and bold. 6 premium effects matched with mind blowing performance.  Crackles, willows and brocades in multi colors. The name says it all.



 Loud Load

They're loud! They're loaded and ready to rock. 6 different ring patterns.


                        BC Breaking Out               

This 500 gram monster breaks out with 16 shots. Packed with multi color willows, glitters, brocades, and stars.  Light the fuse and break the monster out.

                             Only $44.88

                     Mucho Fiesta

This 500 gram has mucho shots, 300 of them to be exact. This is a fast shooter with red, green flower stars, gold whit glitter willows, and crackling willows with blue stars.

                              Only $99.88

                            BC Cat Tails

Black Cats safe & sane firecracker. Black Cat's cat tails have a whip-crackling tale to tell. Each tail gives intense fun blasts of specialized crackle.

                               Only $3.44

                  BC Competitor Beware

Beware!!! This 500 gram cake shoots fast and

furious. Its rapid fire shoots straight and true, with vertical rounds of mines leading to aerial explosions.. 

             Only $29.88 after insatant Rebate

                      BC Ground Mine

Step back cause these are not your normal size ground mines..They're big, loud and a lot wider then the normal mines..  4 pack of explosive crackling.

                      Only $4.44



These shots will sound like they are coming from underground. This baby is loud. 350 grams of loud crackling, loud bursts and multi color breaks.

                        Only $29.88