4th Of July


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Firework Outlet's Favorites

  Ammo Crate 182 shots

500 gram Finale Cake. This multi shot cake is amazing, has low shots, high shots, fan sprays and just pure craziness. A must have.


BC Going Haywire

300 shots of controlled chaos.  The newest effects in missile mayhem includes colored and glitter tails to crackles with reports.

Only $18.95

120 Shot Camo Pack Roman Candles

Take on any enemy with this assortment of candles. You've got all the variety you need to win any battle. 120 Shots!

Only $11.95

                     Pro Unleashed       

Unleash 49 shots of pure VENOM!!!  One of our all time favorite multi shot.   49 shots, this thing is crazy shooting not only straight up but shoots left and right also.  Must have to be the best.


                         Only $46.95

                     BC Neon Sparklers

2 Assorted styles and color combos.  Different styles have different effects.  Makes the normal sparklers look obsolete.

                                2 For $ 5.00

 Night Walker

Best of Both worlds.  You are getting loaded canister shells and 12 shots of double breaks. Single and double what more could you ask for.


 BC Shark Bite 

350 gram multi shot with 15 shots.

1. Lemon and purple star with white glittering
2. Lemon and purple star with crackling willow
3. Sea blue and lemon star with white glittering
4. Sea blue and lemon star with crackling willow
5. Lemon and purple star with delay crackle



BC Little Dynamite Firecrackers

1-1/2" Loud noise makers. Super Charged Flashlight Crackers. The highest quality standards in our industry created by 1) using the maxium alloy materials allowed, and 2) we use labor intensive methods to provide tighter wrapped and thicker tubes, creating big bangs.

2 for $5.00

                             Ultra 96

Yes this little guys does really have 96 shots.  A traditional small cake with a much better label design and brighter and higher flying color pearls, plus a finale shot.

                               $ 4.50

BC Diablo

This is Black Cats newest and biggest canister shell out. New for 2014 season. 24 maximum load canister shells with 4 fiberglass tubes.  This is the ultimate artillery shell experience.  These shots are louder then Hell..

Only $89.99

BC Big-N-Bad Rockets

These BC rockets are huge and bold. 6 premium effects matched with mind blowing performance.  Crackles, willows and brocades in multi colors. The name says it all.


                         Super Stallion   

16 of the best shots the money can buy for a 200 gram multi shot.  Little package with a huge bang.  A must have item even with lower budget. 

                                 Only $8.95   

                      BC Ground Mine

Step back cause these are not your normal size ground mines..They're big, loud and a lot wider then the normal mines..  4 pack of explosive crackling.

                      Only $ 4.95